What is Quarantine – ये ‘कोरंटाइन’ क्या चीज़ होती है?

ख़बर देख टीवी पर गुस्साए पांडेय-जी, बोले यह भी कोई तमीज़ होती है,

कोई इस अज्ञानी को तनिक बतलायेगा कि ये ‘कोरंटाइन’ क्या चीज़ होती है?

ज्ञानी अनगिनत, देश निराला,

किस-किस के मुँह पे लगाएं ताला,

दुबे-जी ने राज़ सारा खोल डाला,

सुनो पांडेय-जी बात मेरी ध्यान से,

सुनो ज़रा खोल के परदे कान के,

जैसे मिश्रा की मिश्राइन होती है,

जैसे शुक्ला की शुक्लाइन होती है,

वैसे ही ‘कोरोना’ की ‘कोरंटाइन’ होती है! 😄😆😆

-Ajay Mago ‘Haazir’

Translated :

Pandey-Ji said upon watching the news "What's this thing?".

Will someone tell me what is this 'quarantine' thing?

Land of wise, had countless Knowledgeable mouths, 

One such man volunteered, Dubey-Ji opened the secret.

He said - Listen Pandey-Ji, with all your attention,

Remove your ear-wax and listen to what I now mention.

Just like Mishra's wife is called Mishra-ine,

and like Shukla's wife is called  Shukla-ine,

In the same way, Corona's wife is called 'Coron-tine'! 😄😆😆

Published by Ajay Mago 'Haazir'

Ajay Mago is an India-Born IT professional currently residing in Northern California. He writes poetry and short stories in his spare time. He writes in both Hindi and English languages and adopts a free-flowing writing style. Ajay attempts to weave a humorous spin as he pens down his thoughts and observations, predominantly about human relationships and the things/events that he witnesses in the contemporary world. He considers himself a true witness to the happenings in this movie scripted by God and so he assumes the pen name of “Haazir“ - Ajay Mago 'Haazir' (अजेय मागो ‘हाज़िर’) Connect with Ajay on Facebook Connect with Ajay on YouTube Read Ajay's Blog on WordPress Ajay's Books Published on Amazon

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