Not my cup of Tea!

‘Not My Cup Of Tea’ is based on a small real-life incident that had my wife and me in splits. 
 It is a humorous short story of an Indian couple, Malini and Sanjay, who love each other a lot but in the process of going through the daily grind and raising their two demanding kids, they feel that their relationship is getting a little strained as they aren’t able to devote much time towards each other. The story makes an interesting read especially along with a piping hot cup of Masala Tea (and a little betting money) by your side!
 I dedicate this piece to my lovely wife, Shalini, and to all our years of togetherness!

It was a lazy February afternoon. Malini was recuperating from a viral infection and lay in bed enjoying her nap. The mild sunlight snuck inside their bedroom from the gaps in the loosely drawn panels of curtains and spread across her face. It slowly cajoled her out of her slumber. She blinked her eyes and glanced at the clock on the desk. The desk-clock, in total agreement with her metabolic clock, signaled Teatime!

Malini still had a slight body-ache from her viral infection. How she wished, she owned a genie-in-a-lamp who would conjure up a piping hot cup of tea at her bedside.

She looked at the second best option – Sanjay who was seated at his desk. He was busy pecking at the keyboard of his laptop. He too had recently recovered from the viral infection… and so had their two kids. What a loving family! They always fell ill as a team. Sanjay was working on his new story, and a few hours immersed in his intricate plots always fanned his craving for tea.

“Sanjay, What’s the time?” Malini knew she could not just “order Tea” from her husband, so she used one of her time-tested icebreakers.

“I guess, its time for a cup of tea.” Sanjay helped her cut the chase short.

“Will you prepare it while I tidy up the room?” she tried her luck as she stood up.

“I’m too fatigued mentally and physically, so if you could do the honors…” Sanjay raised his hands.

“Me too, but I’ll go prepare it.” She said as she trudged dutifully towards the kitchen.

“You are such a darling.” Sanjay showed his appreciation. “But don’t you think we should’ve had our tea half an hour ago.”  He continued with a slightly raised voice, enough to be audible in the kitchen. “’Cuz the moment you have your first sip, either the little one will wake up from his nap and throw a tantrum or the older one will start pestering you with his demands.” Sanjay professed. “In fact I can bet that today it will be the older one’s turn to rob us of our tea-time… because it was the little one who didn’t let us have our tea in peace yesterday.”

“You are always after my sons!” Malini defended her darlings as she brewed the beverage.

“You don’t believe me? I can see the future.”  Sanjay was sure.

“We’ll see! Malini brought in the two cups in a tray along with some cookies.

“Alright, settle down.” Sanjay pointed to a chair as he changed the channel to Malini’s favorite TV show. “Enjoy your first sip… because that’s the only one you’ll enjoy before the older one yells ‘Mammaaaa!’ ”

“I know my kids.” Malini was still the protective mother. “They will let me have my cup in peace today.”

“My bet is still on!” Sanjay, the clairvoyant seemed confident. “Only one sip before you hear from the older one!”

“Okay, here’s my first sip.” Malini slurped gingerly.

“And here’s the second sip.” Malini smiled triumphantly.

“My darlings are the best” She dipped a cookie in the Tea as her cell phone sounded.

“Oh, Its Papa, I have to take his call.” A portion of the tea-soaked cookie fell inside her cup as she put it on the table.

“There goes our teatime!” It was Sanjay’s turn to smile now. “I won the bet. Thanks to the older one – I mean the oldest one 😁.”

In corporate terms, we all know that the middle management has to cater to both the subordinates as well as the top management.

Ajay Mago

Published by Ajay Mago 'Haazir'

Ajay Mago is an India-Born IT professional currently residing in Northern California. He writes poetry and short stories in his spare time. He writes in both Hindi and English languages and adopts a free-flowing writing style. Ajay attempts to weave a humorous spin as he pens down his thoughts and observations, predominantly about human relationships and the things/events that he witnesses in the contemporary world. He considers himself a true witness to the happenings in this movie scripted by God and so he assumes the pen name of “Haazir“ - Ajay Mago 'Haazir' (अजेय मागो ‘हाज़िर’) Connect with Ajay on Facebook Connect with Ajay on YouTube Read Ajay's Blog on WordPress Ajay's Books Published on Amazon

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